About Us

Northeast Stainless has been in business for over 10 years. With 50 years of combined experience in the high-purity process piping industry, we have worked with a number of high profile clients.  Steve Coletta and Len Lilley founded the company determined to deliver excellent quality and value to it's clients and provide an enjoyable and rewarding work environment for its employees.

Len and Steve knew each other in high school and their friendship carried forward into their careers, eventually working together in the high-purity stainless steel industry.

Northeast Stainless is excited about the success it has achieved to date and is committed to future successes by consistently meeting and exceeding its clients' needs. The projects we are focusing on are new facilities additions and improvements of existing tools. We provide both roadwork at the client’s site and also have a 6,000 square foot shop to help us meet a wide range of client requests.

For more information about Northeast Stainless, Inc., please contact us or call us at 978-725-6506.

Northeast Stainless, Inc. - High Purity Stainless Steel Piping